The Hydrogen Economy: How Scotland Is Overcoming Challenges With Scaling Up Hydrogen Production

For the Hydrogen Economy to fulfil its immense potential and help deliver a low-carbon future on the path to net zero, the industry must scale up in terms of hydrogen infrastructure, capacity and capability rapidly within the next few years.

In this webinar hosted by Scottish Entreprise, we learn more about how Scotland is delivering potential breakthrough developments, from carbon capture projects capable of storing millions of tonnes a year – to large-scale electrolysis projects that will make up a significant chunk of UK hydrogen capacity targets.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Explore the most promising energy transition technologies in Scotland
  • Identify an integral role of the oil & gas industry in reaching net zero
  • Learn how wind energy will be a major driver of decarbonisation and the hydrogen economy
  • Discover where Scotland offers considerable advantages for investment in this new Hydrogen economy
Speakers include:
  • Gunther Newcombe OBE, Energy Consultant & ORION Project Coordinator
  • Sonja van Renssen, Editor-in-Chief for Energy Monitor
  • Colin Pritchard, Sustainability Director for INEOS Grangemouth

For more information and to register to attend for free, go to the event webpage here.

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